Driving on snow and ice is different than driving on dry pavement. There's a lot more risk during the winter. Your tires work harder to apply the same traction on the snowy and icy streets. To improve your safety this season, upgrade to winter tires at Minooka Subaru, serving Scranton. Whether you drive a Subaru Crosstrek or another model, we'll have the right size of tire for your automobile. You can shop for new snow tires online before scheduling a tire installation at the Subaru service center in Moosic, PA.

Why Buy Snow Tires for Your Vehicle

Most Subaru vehicles already come with an all-wheel-drive system, which means better handling, stability, and traction. However, exchanging your all-season tires for a snow-proof option will guarantee safer wintertime travels. Winter tires come engineered with a deeper, more intricate tread design to combat snow, ice, and road salt. You can find out more about snow tire benefits by talking to the service team at Minooka Subaru. You can call us directly or pay us a visit at 4141 Birney Avenue.

Benefits of Servicing at Minooka Subaru

  • Tire Center: We have an onsite tire store that sells all tire options, including those manufactured for the winter season. We carry all major tire brands. A factory-trained technician will install your new winter tires on your Subaru and then mount and balance them.
  • All Service Types: The seasoned service team at Minooka Subaru takes care of all minor and major auto repairs. Tire care is one of the auto services. We'll inspect the condition of your tires and help prepare you for winter by installing brand-new snow tires on your vehicle.
  • Protection Plan: Did you know that if you purchase winter tires at Minooka Subaru that you'll get the Subaru 24-Month Tire Protection Plan? It covers the costs of any tire replacements or repairs. It also has complimentary Subaru Tire Roadside Assistance for your peace of mind.

Instead of slipping and sliding all over the road, take the proper precaution by purchasing winter tires at your Scranton-serving dealership. Let us know if you'd like to set up a Subaru tire installation.

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